Food Court Quiz

Which of the following are the healthier choices at your local mall's food court?

A. Diet OR Regular Soda?
B. Fries OR Onion Rings?
C. Burger without Bun OR Burger without Cheese?
D. Crispy OR Soft Taco Shell
E. Corn OR Flour Tortillas
F. Slice of Cake (2" thick) OR Cupcake with Icing
G. Wheat Bread OR "Whole" Wheat Bread
H. Ham OR Turkey?

[compiled from Prevention Magazine]

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Answer Key:
a. regular (the sweetener in diet may INCREASE appetite! water is even better)
b. fries (contains vitamins and potassium)
c. leave off the bun
d. crispy
e. corn
f. slice
g. go whole
h. either! (just avoid salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, etc)

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