Gym junkies may risk fertility

[I knew this day would come... I have been expecting a "down side" to our obsession with physical exercise!  ;-) ]

SPENDING too much time in the gym can reduce a woman's chances of having children,with a study finding 'superwoman work-outs' made fertility problems three times more likely.

A recent study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology suggests that overly strenuous and frequent physical exercise may reduce a woman's fertility.
The study found that those who trained every day and those who trained to the point of exhaustion were at an increased risk of infertility. Individuals who did both incurred the highest risk.

The findings were made by Norwegian University of Science and Technology after a study of 3,000 women.  

Men and Over-Exercise Over-exercise can also affect male fertility. Exercising too much can cause the internal temperature of a man's testicles to rise. Typically, your testicles remain at a temperature of 96 degrees. If your testicles become warmer than this, sperm begin to die, leading to a low sperm count. Men who over-exercise and become underweight can also experience lower sperm motility and poor sperm morphology.