Cool Nano-Tie

Just don't call it the i-tie: Thomas Pink's Nano-ready skinny tie is back

11:41 AM PT, Aug 21 2009

An accessory for your accessory?  For Thomas Pink, it's not as nerdy as you may think. The high-end British brand is set to re-release its previously limited edition Commuter Tie, better known as the iPod tie.  Blending fashion and technology in a slick, Pink-worthy knot, the 100% silk accessory comes with a hidden pocket in the back to slide in an iPod Nano, and an extra loop for the headphones.

Available in eight different colors -- which complement, if not exactly duplicate, the current shades of the iPod Nano -- the tie is a stylish and useful gadget perfect for that Metro commute (or even that long walk down the office hallways). Perhaps it's a bit unnecessary -- is it really so difficult for men to slide their MP3 players into their pockets, and are headphone wires so cumbersome?  At $100 apiece (Nano not included, of course), is an accessory for an accessory really worth cuteness value?

But fashion isn't always about practicality. Gentlemen, you can show off your chic sensibility when the ties hit Thomas Pink stores and are offered online in September.

-- Chau Tu

Photo credit: Thomas Pink


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