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We spend so much time pointing the finger in Japan's direction for quirky cultural expression that we have turned a blind eye to a much more sinister country, Sweden. I photographed this in a Swedish store in New York and later came to find out that it is, indeed, a movement (pun INTENDED). Trot on over to the Pee & Poo web portal too see the many exciting products that bear the playful, anthropomorphic versions of wiener water and butt slushee. PeeandPoo, Inc. maintains that this is educational in some way but I am certain that it does nothing but propagate the myth that urine is best friends with feces. Let me assure you, NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Though they are forced to cohabit from time to time, Pee's golden elitism has long been a thorn in Poo's side and is only exacerbated by propaganda like, "If it's yellow let it mellow but if it's brown flPeepoo_webush it down."

At a recent summit, unity talks broke down when Pee refused to remove sanctions against it's chocolate counterpart, citing ideological differences. Poo maintained, "We cannot continue to negotiate with a form of bodily waste who refuses to accept our inherent diversity and furthermore fails to recognize that, although we come from different places, serve the same basic function." Pee did not return our calls for a statement.

IMAGE (Right): Pee & Poo, seen here in happier times, attempt to teach children that shit and piss are not only huggable, but also come from a thoroughly disgusting rainbow that one can only assume shoots out of a snot cloud over a river of puke.


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