STUPId MarrieD Logic

I just heard the most stupid logic from a lawyer arguing before the California Supreme Court regarding the future of same-sex marriage in California:

"you can't simply redefine the definition of marriage to include what its never included, same-sex relationships, and have it have the same beneficial impact...
Here's WHY that argument doesn't hold water... Let's say we allow our pets to marry (each other), would THAT change "the fundamental meaning of marriage" -- NO WAY! I can't fathom anyone trying to push the same argument if that happened, because it wouldn't negate the meaning of your marriage, it would simply EXPAND the meaning...

- Straight Marriage
- Pet Marriage
- Same-Sex Marriage, etc.

This argument was at least "thought" of a long time ago when the first black man went to marry a white woman -- all the religious conservatives of the time were screaming in their heads, "no, no, its crime against what's normal and right!" I know for a fact that MY parents (a Jew and a Christian) faced some of that resistance!

I think that the real meaning of marriage is what two individuals make it! There are a lot of marriages that are a disgrace together; and with the divorce rate so high its clear that it doesn't mean very much to many.

AND, where exactly are we getting the idea that "marriage is only between on man and one woman" -- the BIBLE, right? Isn't the Bible the foundation of religious doctrine? Why is the State looking to the Church to determine policy? Where is the SEPARATION between Church and State? THAT, not same-sex marriage, go against everything this nation of freedom is based on!

I just had to share my thoughts, because I really don't understand what all the fuss is about... I thought Christians were married in the "eyes of God" anyway... why are they looking for validation from the State?

Really, the "married" people should just be flattered that ANYONE wants to emulate them! With that come much responsibility... Would YOU be willing to live up to that? Maybe that sould be THE prerequisite for marriage!

It reminds me of the comedian who replied, when asked if same-sex couples should be allowed to get married, "Sure, why should the married people be the only ones who are miserable!"

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