Blog Tools

This is a helpful site for keeping track of my FAVORITE blogs: (you can track "friends" via email address or simply enter the URLs of your favorite blogs to keep track of updates all in one place!)
[another similar site is:]

Some statistics & promotion TOOLS:

And, there are lots of other "blog DIRECTORIES", but I'm not sure if any of them are "effective":

Also, some "GAY" directores:

Some blog widgets (add ons): (instant messaging for your blog)

Blogrolling - automating your list of links:

Search and Social Content widgets: (blog community with great social profile widget) (search your blog and your social content) (social networking profile list)

Here are a few bookmarking widgets: (very simple installation for sharing links)

Simple HTML button maker:

Mobilizing your blog: (send blog via sms widget)  (mobile feed aggregator widget) (widget displays mobile content)

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