Puppies Everywhere Are Asking, "For Real?"

I've been seeing the video for this new product all over the TV for the last 2 weeks, but was really suspicious about its authenticity. So I got online and found the actual website where it appears you can actually order this new fantastic product for your dog!!!

The really amazing thing about this product is NOT that is comes in 8, yes, eight, different sizes (I wonder what happens if your order the wrong size?), nor that it also can be ordered in 3 different COLORS! No, the truly amazing feature of this product is that according to the help section, if the owner just doesn't feel like taking the product off the dog, you may feel free to keep the product on the dog (indefinitely?).

The only down side I can see is the full-length DVD tutorial which is required viewing... I mean, you don't want to put this product on incorrectly! That would be a big mess!

From the help section of the website:
Do you think this product humiliates your dog when wearing it?

Babies wear diapers and they are truly loved by their parents, hence same applied to the dog owners who use our product do actually truly love their dogs. Understanding that your dog can get very sick from their own feces or your child playing in the grass at the park or even your own lawn can be a major health dager. That is the main issue that we try to relate to our customers. Not to mention the convenient benefits this product has to offer on it's own.

Well, you can't argue with that!

Now check out the slick sales presentation HERE: New pet product for walking your dog

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